Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cease and de-Cyst

So I have a giant ball I'm growing, I guess in my spare time. For like the last 20 years. So now I can hardly sit down, so it's time to become less of a man and have it taken off. My body is SO nice to grow these extra things for me. I only decide to do this because I can no longer sit in a saddle without feeling like I'm sitting on an egg made of stone that hurts. Yesterday was definitely the last time I can climb up there. So it's time. I hope the doctor is good, she looked 12 and had the personality of a radish. But I guess I don't need to be wowed by her wit when she's hunkered down between my legs. She'll be only one of a handful of women who have been there, and the only one with a knife and some helpers. At least my horse will have more time to spend with the sheep now that I'm on sick leave. I just hope balls well that ends well. ps. disclaimer it is not an actual ball.

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