Friday, March 23, 2012

Chub Chub Gaining Confidence

Two things- gave up on Mags and then started reading books about how to bombproof you horse and it says things like "listen to what your horse is asking," (by her behavior) so I knew she needed company. She's always lived in a herd. So I started taking Hank the Anchor dog out with us, and she is so happy. She plods along and Hank plods along and nerves are settled, collecting dust somewhat. So this in turn, helps me sit more relaxed, and helps build confidence so the next time we go out, I am stronger, and we work better together. Also, she has never had a person. I am her first person. So after 7 mos, she is learning my cues, trying to do what I ask, and making less of her own decisions. In fact, the more I clarify my cues and make things simple, the better she is able to execute what I'm asking. We are both trying to figure it out.

Also she's been a mom, and I think that changes a person. Animal. Your mind/body is not quite the same. Even though her mind is a walnut. It has still changed a fraction. You are wholer after kids, your body has become a fast food restaurant. You naturally think you know best. Because you have been a food court. And you have been a manufacturer. You don't argue with the boss.

So Mags and I may have similar outlooks. Plus her body looks like I feel inside. Squatty, dumpy, comfy, sturdy, round, slow, with nice fur. In short, gorgeous.

An important thing the book says, too, is that the stronger you are when making decisions, the more your horse will trust you. If you waffle (god I love waffles), they think, 'wait, if SHE'S not sure, then I'M not sure' and then they start making all the decisions, like running for home or eating candy for breakfast. So you gotta be confident to gain their trust, and then pretty soon you're a team and then you both can relax. Confidence is the path to relaxation. Who'd a thunk. I always thought hot tubs were the path to relaxation.

Okay, so that's where we are on the horse path of life. Oh, and her nickname is Chubs. Chub Chub.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Three's Company

Gave up on Maggie and decided to give her to my friend. I even sent the email saying take her, take her.

Then I ignored the horse for two days. No radio on in the barn, no special treats. Then I decided oh, I'll just take you out with Hank. You just need company and you won't bolt off with me. So for the last three days we went out with Hank and huge trucks came by and no bolt. Small dogs running at the park, and no big deal.

Maybe Maggie was telling me, I'm just scared. Have Hank the Anchor there on the ground walking along relaxed and I'll be relaxed, I like a herd.

So that's what we're trying. The horse lets you know what she needs. Also, I like the company.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Walking and Talking

I can't stop sucking in movies - when you walk on the treadmill you can't FOCUS on the walking, it would kill you. So now I'm watching every movie known to man that I've missed since Charlie Chaplin first started recording them in celluloid. Okay, so I have ALOT more to go.

I should maybe try to get my masters while on the treadmill.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Ride Out

Well for Maggie lovers out there, this horse is doing spectacularly. For people worrying about my treadmill, it is really dangerous and almost killing me. I must get it tuned up.

But back to Mags, the "trainer" came out yesterday and I'm always glad NOT to be riding her and just observing. Less stress. We did some arena work and she is doing really well. I'm am again learning that I may NOT get bucked off.

This morning in the heat of March, Hank the dog and I went riding to the arena. We both like the company, the dog is like the staple to the earth. Nothing bad can happen with Hank there. So we moseyed to the park and Maggie did everything right and then we came back and I can see that more time, repetition, routine, Maggie is learning to be a riding horse who listens. Which means safety for the rider.

Just have to keep doing what I'm doing, shoving back the fear, locking it away, swing up on to the horse, ride out.