Tuesday, September 30, 2014

House warming

There are so many people that live where I live right now, it's kind of like old age hippy house. My morning is spent setting up breakfast in the quiet guest house where Poppa, the 98 year old sleeps on unaware. I set out his pills, put his phone in the right spot, set his coffee water in the microwave, have everything cozy and ready for him. I feed all the animals, bunnies, chickens, horse, dogs. I feed all the kids, there's some grumbling, getting up, there's some hairbrushing squawks, everyone is deposited at school. I'm walking back to my barn and there's the guy in the garage's girlfriend, all dressed and ready for work, passing me in the driveway, like it's normal to say hi to someone in your back driveway at 7 in the morning. But it's kind of strange, this little life with all these people in it. The guy in the garage fixes the pipes when they break, because he's good at it. Poppa gets fed, and chickens get old scraps from yesterday's lunch, and sometimes we all watch tv together, or sports are on and we're all spread out either liking the game or surviving the noise of it, but in a weird way I think this is the family I'm in. It's messy, but the people are good to each other. So maybe that's what family is.