Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At Least Mag is Not a C Bag

I met the lady that was with the lady who was calling her horse a cuntbag. It turns out that lady was TRAINING her horse, and part of the training was to bitch the horse out with foul and colorful language. It also turns out she funly fired that trainer and now has a trainer who uses weird things like gentle touch and patience with her horse. Thought you'd want to know the haps on that particular scene. Mag and I just plod along, in her case, literally, moving forward and trying not to be afraid of things like wandering peacocks and miscellaneous trash bags blowing in the wind. I am a much better rider after htese 7 months, as if at 45 I really wanted to take a hard look at my riding skills, especially by training a green horse. But it has given me confidence. Now I can go home and pack a lunch or clean out the kids closets with confidence. heh heh

Monday, April 16, 2012

Check Out the Mouth on That Chick

I'm certainly glad I had a better day with Maggie in the public arena than the girl before me... Mags and I were standing there with our lips hanging out (hers more than mine, bigger bottom lip and more gravity) while the girl in the arena in front of us was chasing her horse around and yelling "f*&^ing cuntbag" at her in the nicest way, actually not so nice even. (I left cuntbag in because it's so unusual.)

When she stormed out dragging her horse who looked like she really wanted to go home with us or maybe get a job at a Chevron station or something, Mags and I went in the ring and did our normal, boring, excellent work where Maggie did everything and stopped so she could be petted and loved.

It was a glorious day. For all cuntbags.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maggie Can Canter

Maggie has cantered three times on the lunge line. For all those people out there who are working with their green PMU mares, this is a nice step. Haven't ridden at the canter, but at least she does GO, and she doesn't try to get away or cause trouble. So she's taking the next step. There are no other gaits she has to learn, so eventually she might be a regular old riding horse.

I walked her across our really busy Sunland Blvd the other day to get to my friend Mary's house, so we could get used to that area. She did fine with everything, it was only these huge great danes on the hill that looked like roaming wild lions that made her nervous. Which then made me nervous because I didn't want her to run over me on her way to escape. We just have to walk over there again, and she'll see that it's a routine and then maybe I can relax too.