Friday, November 30, 2012


So Craigslist is my best friend. Truly, I have met some great people, all the new people in my life have come from advertising something on Craigslist. It's like the underbelly shoppers or horselovers of Los Angeles, it's all there, there are some weirdos, but really there are some of us regular people too. The girl who kept the goats at our house, the girl who rides my horse and teaches me, this new weird job I might get writing weird little notes in Christmas packages -I like that my life is dictated by Craiglist. I could be out selling my book. Or out doing something that might get me a better, bigger paycheck. Or any paycheck. But I think I'm doing the right thing. I'm feeling people out, I'm inspired by glimpses into people's lives, I'm writing about them. I'm affected by them. I keep thinking I should be Building my Brand, to make my book a household name, but wait, I think this weird thing I'm always doing, this IS my brand. I can't NOT be building my brand, all I'm doing is my brand. I am it. So when I had to go to Costco alone yesterday, my friend crapped out on me and I went anyway like the loser that I am, because who wants to sit alone there with auto mechanics and lawyers on their lunch breaks, and it turns out ME, I want to be there... Anyway, I sat alone because eating pizza and walking while pushing a cart is more than I can do it turns out, and I sat there alone, just me, and I was thinking, wait, you know what? I am here with my grandmother. And all these people who come here for a cheap lunch - we're all my grandmother. My grandmother was the table I sat at. SHE would come here alone, bringing her old cup so she could get free refills. She would eat here everyday. She would be as happy as I am. She would be extremely proud that I was affected by her good spirit, thrifty ways, and wrinkly smile. She lives on, and I'm proud to wear her. And someday, yes, pass down my Costco card to a lovely, deserving bright eyed, moneysaving grandkid. In the craziness and lean-ness of this Christmas, I'll wrap up with my gramma and realize she has succeeded. And she'll dine with me wholeheartedly, from above. Everytime.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Food Hound

Thank God I have AshleyCourtney helping guide me with Dewey. She's the Riding Doctor, if I'm having trouble, I email her and she gives me a suggestion for how to fix it. Saddle trouble, or try a new exercise, or keep your mind clear. Dewey has been learning to canter/trot, trot/canter transition. He walked across a tarp for me yesterday. He'll stand still to mount if you give him a carrot afterwards. He's a food hound. Yesterday he stood out in the driveway, ventured out to see what we were doing, and then just stood there while Tim and Nathan threw a football over him. I think he's a member of the family.